Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring break survey

Where did you go for spring break?:
I went to the redwoods and the beach!

From 1-10 how would you rate your spring break?

Did you drink?

Did you do any drugs?
Cocaine and meth with caitlin (obv)

Did you kiss anyone?

Did you do anything more than kissing?
Calm down

Did you spend the night anywhere other than where you planned on sleeping?
Haha yeah. I stayed at Caitlin's with Ramsey because Ramsey was too disoriented to drive.

What were some of the biggest lies you told to people?
I didn't really keep track. And I'm pretty sure I didn't tell many lies.

Did you party so hard you got sick?
I didn't go to any >:o

Did you party so hard you might have an STD now?
Hahahaaweahahahah okay seriously?

Pull any all nighters?
Caitlin and I sat by the fire and drank hot cider til 4:00 in the morning.

What was the dumbest thing you did?
Did the 'contact prank' to cammisha

What did you do that you regret?

Get anything peirced?
My eye ball

Get any tatoos?
A couple

Did you wake up with any hang overs?
No really. Calm down. I didn't drink.

Whats somthing you did that you know you want to brag about?
Well I mean, I got to go to California.

Hear about anything you did the next morning that you dont remember doing?
Okay this is not even a spring break survey.

What was your spring break theme song?

Did you wake up the any mornings with weird markings or writting on you?
I'm going to shoot you

What do you wish you had done that you didnt do?
Nofin. I did it all.
When you think about it
We spend so much time asleep.
It's just weird to think that so many hours of our lives we live unconsciously.

I really wish that our bodies didn't need sleep.

I love these things

Music Memory
Most songs bring back memories
(Put your music player on shuffle and continuously press next)
For each song write down the name and artist of the song, and what memory it triggers.

If none. Just says "none"

1) Lover I Don't Have To Love -Bright Eyes:
Reminds me of the starting of Sophomore year. And the city bus rides in the morning.

2) Inhale -Soul Position:
Um! Reminds me of that time at Brylins house. Reminds me of Hilary. And reminds me of my brother.

3) Trailer Trash -Modest Mouse:
Oh my god. So many damn memories. A lot of good times. The flight on the way to Idaho. Reminds me of my brother. Reminds me of Josephs house. Reminds me of night drives in Idaho. Reminds me of winter. It's one of my favorite songs.

4) Shooter -Lil' Wayne:
How ironic! That's my profile song right now. It just reminds me of the trip to the coast. And my bedroom. And driving around with Ramsey.

5) Put Your Hands Up In The Air -Daft Punk:

6) Sailed On -Landon Pigg:
Idaho + summer. And Rayven.

7) I Will Be Grateful for This Day -Bright Eyes:
(It's playing all my favorite songs with the most play count)
Anyways. Reminds me of Zoe. And it reminds me of summer. And it reminds me of Idaho. And really reminds me of downtown and Zoes house.

8) We Were Never Built To Last -Electric President:
Not bringing back any memories.

9) Mattresses Underwater -Colour Revolt:
Winter and rain and tough times.

10) I Me You I'm Yours -Jim Noir:

11) I'm Yours -Jason Mraz:
Caitlin of course. And the walks I used to go on.

12) Never Know Who Your Friends Are -Corey Crowder:
Bad bad bad bad times in the beginning of this year.

13) Overdose -Tomcraft:

14) Hopeless Love -Daphne Loves Derby:
8th grade. And when Kenny from DLD sang to us in the alley.

15) If You Leave -Nada Surf:

16) Perfect Disguise -Modest Mouse:
Winter and gooooood times.

17) Into The Fire -Thirteen Senses:
The city bus.

18) Two headed boy -Neutral Milk Hotel:

19) Amazing, Because It Is -The Almost:

20) Do Not -John Reuben:

21) Bridge and Tunnel -The Honorary Title:
So so so so SO many good times. And road trips.

22) Center of Attention -Jackson Waters:
Last year around winter time.

23) Seventeen Years -Ratatat:

24) Change (In the House of Flies) -Deftones:
Driving around with Ramsey

25) Chicago -Sufjan Stevens:

26) With You -Stars of Track and Field:

27) Dakota -Stereophonics:
IDAHO! SUMMER! Meeeeeeeeeh!

28) Penny On the Train Track -Ben Kweller:
Idaho again.

29) Please Forgive Me -Bryan Adams:
Rayven of course.

30) Get Through -Mark Joseph:
Uh grey's anatomy?

31) I Dont Care What You Call Me -David Ford:
Hard times and long nights.

32) White Daisy Passing -Rocky Votolato:
One of the happiest points I was ever at.

33) You and I Misbehaving -Tilly and the wall:

34) Paper Planes -M.I.A.
Ramsey and Caitlin. And our drive-bys. And Kelli. And warm weather.
And the dream I had with Erikka in it.

35) Song For The Dumped -Ben Folds Five:

36) Walking Downtown -Copeland:
Honestly? Being downtown last winter.

37) Last Summer -Lost Prophets:
Cameron. And last summer. And the last nights of summer. And just summer in general. Probably one of my favorite songs.

38) Tangerine Sky -Kottonmouth Kings:

39) Pure Morning -Placebo:
Um michele again.

40) Shine On -Jet:
Idaho! and my mom! and her card!

41) Lua -Bright Eyes:
Walking around in the snow at night. Winter in general. And chai tea.

42) Hello, I'm In Delaware -Dallas Green:
Don't even wanna go there. (Dallas green songs don't bring back the best of memories)

43) So Much Beauty in Dirt -Modest Mouse:
Bike rides

44) Mr. Jones -Counting Crows:
My brother

45) I Could Say -Novice:
Rayven and Mackenzie.

46) Music for A Nurse -Oceansize:
Not bringing back many memories. But I love that song. And it really gets me thinking every time that I listen to it.

47) 1995 -The Radio Dept:

48) Second Place Victory -This Day and Age:
Freshman year.

49) Dust in the Wind -Kansas:
Such such such good times in the summer. Bike rides. And Idaho.

50) Hot -30H!3:


Sunday, March 30, 2008


If anything, my biggest addiction is to people.
I really mean it. I always have to be with people.
And I know that sounds really stupid.

But I really don't know how to spend alone time.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I need to update more

I went to Caitlins Moms house out in Walterville with Ramssey. It was a lot of fun. Like normal. We made pretzels. And we watched Degrassi. And dyed eggs and wrote all over them. And I beat up Caitlin (like usual) and apparently deafened her in one ear.

Last night we went with Mandy to go see Shutter. Then I crashed at Ramseys house.
Shutter really wasn't that good. Or that scary. I don't suggest seeing it.

Things are really great right now.
Except for the fact that Mr. Cantwell sent my missing assignments to the house and my dad's all pissed off now.

Easter tomorrow! I'm excited to get my basket of candy and monaaaaay.


Sunday, March 16, 2008


I got a new hardrive for my computer. It's called "My Book" and I can store all my picture and Music on it so my computer will go faster and it really made it so much faster. Anyways, I finally organized all of my pictures and all of my music and stuff so everything on my computer is nice, organized, and simple. Which is exactly how I like everything.


(click to enlarge)
(And then you might have to enlarge it, again)


I have always had feelings for her
And I can't even remember the last time we talked, or hung out, or anything.

Whatever we used to have has sort of always stuck with me.
And all the thoughts of her have never really escaped my head.

But she's found somebody. And she's moved on. And we're complete strangers now.
I guess that's the weird thing about all of this.
I'm not saying I like her or anything

I've just always carried feelings for her.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


No matter how many annoying people it's filled with, I love Sheldon High School.
It always keeps me entertained.

Not kidding.
It's so entertaining.

I'm really excited for tomorrow
I'm really excited for Friday

Everything is great.

Hey my mom's married. That means I have a step dad, a step brother, and a step sister now. Coooooooool. I'm really excited for her to come down.

My dad got my grades. He's all upset. I went to the track meet today with Caitlin and Ramsey and Casey. Okay I don't have anything else to talk about. Or maybe I did. But I forgot.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


All week I've been so angry. And I've been taking it out on everybody. So sorry about that if you've been around me this week.

All night I've been thinking about everybody. All of you.
And how I don't give people enough credit for how great they really are.
I figured out that I always try to create people into exactly what I want them to be. And if they're not how I want them to be I get frustrated. I'm not good with working with flaws in people. As terrible as that sounds. I'm trying to fix it.

It's probably the thing that bugs me the most about myself.

I'm just frustrated with everything.
Especially school. I'm gonna need to get my grades before my dad so he doesn't see them.

Seeing my step mom depressed is really hard. Since her mom is dying.
They don't know if she's gonna make it through tonight.
It's the saddest thing ever. She has to watch her mom slowly dying. I can't imagine what that would be like.

I talked to my mom tonight. I think that's the only good thing that happened today.
I'm not joking.
I didn't do homework again

I really hope this weekend is exactly what I want it to be.
We don't have school on Friday so that's a plus. Alrighty. Bye. Goodnight.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I want it all

I've come to realize that no matter how much I have
I'm never completely satisfied.

I'll never have enough.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Never really thought I'd ever say this again but, I miss you more than anything.

I hate walking past you in the halls and not saying a word to each other. As if we don't even know each other. I can't help but wonder when we'll ever talk again. There's so many people I used to be bestfriends with and now we are complete strangers.

I don't know.
I guess I've been doing fine and I've kept my mind off of this subject for months. But it keeps haunting me lately. Whenever we're in the same room together. Or whenever I see you. Or whenever I go places we used to go. Or whenever I look at pictures with you in them.

I know that you're really happy right now. And I'm glad you are. I always felt like I was holding you back. And I'm really glad that you're doing great. Just always remember that I'll always remember. Our friendship was messy. And we might not know each other anymore. But you still mean so much to me.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's march?


I'm really happy lately.
Besides worrying about my brother David. And missing Idaho. And my mom.
On friday during school I was all depressed because of it.

I've been hanging out with Andrew and Michele all weekend.
I've enjoyed it so far.

Michele's a goof. But you can call her Tarzan.
The song Passenger Seat REALLY makes me miss my night drives with my mom. When we'd go drive up in the dark roads of the mountains. God damn. I just want summer to come so I can go back up to Idaho.

In march! Except I'm not gonna tell you the date because I don't want you to go buy tickets because I'm worried they'll be sold out. So go away. Those tickets are mine. You need to calm down.

And the main people in "Once" will be at the Mcdonald Theater in March. I started watching "Once" at Andrews house with Michele, and him. But we didn't finish it because we decided to prank call Tahani's friends, and shoot nurf guns at each other instead. But from what I watched, it was really good.

Okay. Well since it's 3:00 in the morning I should probably go to bed.
I'm still sick. Sleep would probably be good for me.
Goodnight readers!