Thursday, February 28, 2008

I love it

I love finding out that I'm somebodys rolemodel.
And finding out somebody looks up to me.

Okay so let me update

I've been going out of my mind this week.
First of all, I'm really sick. My throat hurts so much. And my head feels like it's ten thousand pounds. My eyes keep watering, too. It always looks like I'm about to cry. But the worst thing is probably my throat. I mean, I can't even swallow water.
Second, my classes are driving me insane. Every day after second period at Ramseys house, Caitlin and I complain about how much we don't want to go back to school. And how we just want to relax for the rest of the day. But too bad we can't do that.

I'm having the worst night ever tonight

I just got off the phone with my mom. We were talking about my brother.
And it completely just changed my mood from the mood I was in when I started writing this blog.

I'm really worried about him.
He has a blood disease now and it's really starting to worry me.

I don't think I really wanna write anymore tonight


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That scared me

Ah! I accidently logged on to my old blogger account because the Email for it is just like this one and on my old account I had zero posts on it so I was like "WHAT? ALL MY POSTS GOT DELETED?!"

It was a big shock.

I still don't understand how some people can write in their blogspot everyday.
I suck at updating this thing. I really like writing in it. I just never have the time. I go to school. I come home. I work. I do homework. And then I get on myspace for a little bit. Speaking of work I just got done. I worked an hour and a half today. I have a total of 14 1/2 hours so far. That's 140 dollars. Plus the money I have saved up from not spending lunch money. Which is close to a hundred. I rule.

Btw to everyone that says my job isn't really a job you're just hatin' because I make more than you!

I went to lunch with Michele and Andrew today. It was a lot of fun.
Michele's funnnay! I'm excited for this weekend. I think. If plans work out.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Damn it I though today was thursday.

To start off this blog I'd like to say that my horoscopes are ALWAYS right! I'm checking them ery day.

I don't have much to say today.
I probably should be doing my homework right now so I think I'm gonna go do that.
I'm SO happy that I'm ungrounded this weekend. Finally I get to go back to actually having a life. I found out today that Caitlin's still grounded this weekend. So that's a bummer.

Well, I think I should go try and do some homework now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What’s behind the other door?

Here's a little update since I haven't wrote anything in here for so long. And since I deleted the link off my myspace. I think I'm gonna put it back on. Yeah I will.

I've been faced with so many god damn difficult situations lately.
But there's one main one. Yeah yeah yeah, another problem with a friend. Nothing new really. I'm trying to be the mature one in the whole situation but when a friend gives an apology and I don't say much back I think that's just immature. Sometimes the mature thing to do is forgive the person. Whatever maturity doesn't even matter right now. The main thing is, I want this friendship back. I think I just need to give it a little thought before I say "I forgive you" to them. But I'm almost 100% sure I'll forgive them. Because that's what I do a lot of the time. I forgive, I forget, and I try not to screw everything up all over again, or try to make sure I don't let them screw me over all over again.

Anyways. What else do I need to update everyone on.

I eavesdrop a lot lately. If you're standing by me, and you're talking, I'm PROBABLY listening in. Sorry. It's fun. I was just in dari mart a little bit ago and the line was long and I was buying a sierra mist and there were these three girls in front of me and they were all talking to each other and then one of the girls walk off and the other two girls go, "She's so annoying." I started laughing. I don't understand why people act nice to people they don't like. I mean, I'm mean to people I don't like. Or I just don't talk to them. It's the biggest waste of time faking nice to somebody.

There's this girl in my classes and she seems really interesting. I wanna get to know her. Hmm!

Okay! I'm working really hard for my camera.
I think I'll have it by spring break. And I found it somewhere were it's a lot more cheap. Go me!

Seinfeld is the gayest show on this planet.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


You got yourself into it
If you want change, try getting yourself out of it.

It's not my fault
Not my problem
And trying to guilt trip me doesn't do anything

I'm back on here
I've been busy working with my dad. And busy with homework. And all that jazz. But really, I'm back on here.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm going to throw all my anger into here

I hate you
I found out everything
Don't ever think you can get anything past me ever again

You'll never win. You're stupid and annoying.

I hate February. I hated January. I hated Decemeber.
Srew this situation. And screw everyone!

And to top things off my dad's taking away my phone on monday.
And he's coming up with more punishments for me because of my grades.
As if this long terrible grounding was not enough.

I hated arguing with him on his birthday. I feel so guilty. But I'm really not wanting to make nice with him right now when he's making everything ten times worse.

Screw this.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A new start

I feel a new start coming on

Not just because of our new classes and everything. But I'm actually starting to realize a lot of positive changes in myself. And I like it.

Other then that, I don't have much to update you on.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sleep all day

Patrick left this morning

Ramsey picked up Jacob and I around 6:30 and then we went straight to the airport. Caitlin met us there too. We spent about two hours there. Sitting around with him, and laughing at the awkward adults that kept giving him gifts, and talking about good times. And then before I knew it it was time for him to get on his plane.

We all sort of stood there in shock. It was really hard to grasp the fact that he was actually leaving. Because to all of us, he was one of our best friends. It was really hard.

We were standing there silent just watching him go through security.
Then we see him get out his phone and he called me
"Can you guys stop staring at me? It's sort of awkward"

I've been in the most depressed mood today. So I've slept over half of the day. I'm sure everybody that was close to him is feeling pretty down right now. He's such a great person. I'm so glad we met.
I'm going to miss that kid more than anything.
I'll miss him constantly correcting my grammar.
And him attempting to teach me german words.
And him always saying "Are you making fun of my accent?"

I still can't believe he's actually gone.

The way I see it..

You always seem to be putting on an act

: /