Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beautiful Life

I love reading through old posts. For better or worse. They all make me feel good.
And help remind me exactly what I believe.

And how far I've come.


Anonymous said...

I read your old posts too, because it's like a story, and from an outsiders point of view, it's really quite phenomenal to see how much you've grown through what you write.

Sometimes when you don't write for ages, I worry; a complete stranger who doesn't know you in any way is weird to do so, I know, but your words make me smile, even in those times when it seems you cannot.

Michael Fitzgerald said...

outside voices speak the loudest to me. I love knowing there's people dedicated to a person they only know through their stories.

It means a lot that you feel it too.

I think whatever I've written on here, happy or sad, I've sort of always had the same vision. And that's what I'm really trying to get across most of the time with my writing, my vision.