Saturday, June 16, 2007

Last Summer

"And we laugh till we cry
Always so hard to say goodbye
And we all sit round here in our home town
It's so good like this, these are times we'll miss
The memories, I hope they'll never fade
Glowing embers lie across the sky

Here by my side, in my summer, our last summer
The world passes by in my summer, our last summer
The light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other
Alive to watch it all, the view through our last summer
The view from our last summer"

Friday, June 15, 2007

Goodbye Oregon

I rarely get to see my mom and in six days I'm going up there for twenty four days. I know that I should be happy that I get to see her. And I know that I'll have so much fun going to theme parks, going camping, just being with her. I'm just nervous about being away from home for that long. And being away from my friends that long. I'm going to miss out on so much while I'm gone. And I'm scared that I'm going to come back and people are gonna be different. I know that sounds rediciulous because it's only four weeks but I just feel like I'm gone for so long. I just don't want to be upset when I hear about all the fun my friends have been having with out me while I was gone

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Freshman year

This year was so damn weird. But great

HAHA! It's really funny looking at pictures of me in the starting of the year
I was really stupid, gross, and weird.

^ I was always wearing my hood. That's kind of annoying. And weird and embarrassing. I wore it in all of my classes and wherever I went. I don't know why, I looked stupid.

^ WTF! JUST LOOK AT ME! I was really awkward. I really hate light jeans too. Sick
It's funny what Rayven and Jimmy were wearing too, considering they never would wear that now.

^ Wow probably the worst of them all

I guess I wore polo's? Haha! I really hate polos..
And I lied about the last picture. THIS ONE is the worst of them all. I look retarded. Is the camera high enough? (light jeans again)

^ Oh look! Another polo! But this time I look like a two year old! Justin took that

^That's just laaaame. I hate The Academy Is so much
I don't even know why I got that shirt. I don't know why I liked them
Probably because the music I listened to in the starting of the year sucked

In the next pictures: I'm wearing the coat Jacob got me for Christmas
I don't really wear that anymore ha..

I look kind of.. big
I was really really white

^ See! I really did wear that coat! I wonder where those jeans went

^ I'm glad that I lost that shirt. It's ugly. It reminds me of Steve from blues clues. That belt is ugly too same with the jeans.

^ OH WELL THAT'S ATTRACTIVE! (There's that hood again)

^ The head phone shirt. Kind of tacky

Winter break was the best winter break I've ever had:
I can't even pick out the best pictures from all of those days
Just believe me that it was great

they never seem to happen anymore

I miss the days with Rayven and Caleb
when we would hangout just about every single weekend

^ sunriver with nick
even if all we did was argue, and walk it out

I went to so many shows with Joseph this year

We TP'd so much. But usually the same person everytime

too bad we never hangout anymore.

Mowing the lawn at my house became a tradition
We're kind of weird I guess?

That was probably my favorite part of the year. We did such stupid stuff, we had so much fun. I love them so much

And lunch with Julia! We make plans to hangout but I really do need to hangout with her.

I'm gonna miss just going to the library in the mornings wit Jimmy and Rayven. It would usually just start out as us three in there and it would end up with so many people at our table. I guess I kind of have to look back at all the stuff that happened to actually enjoy freshman year. I don't know. This year was just crazy. I've changed so much personality wise. I really like who I've become. I really like the people I'm friends with. And I'm happy with how this year ended up. It was kind of one big mess but it all got put together in the end I guess. I can't really sum up in words all the stuff that happened this year so I guess I'll just stop here.

I loved freshman year so much

Monday, June 11, 2007


"I'll be the end of everyone who's ever entered your life
And taken pieces out of it

I'll give you enough time to regain your composure
To reconstruct a heart that's torn apart from over-exposure
I know forever isn't long enough to forget the faces
And places that played out your tragedy"